Our Vision
Our vision is to continually improve and become a world class supplier of integrated sheet metal enclosures as measured by quality, productivity, service, delivery and cost.
Our mission is to use our knowledge, skills and technology to bring the goals and vision of our customers into reality.
To specialize in the complete design, manufacturing and sales of Electronic Rack Enclosures, Relay Racks, Open Bay Racks, Server Storage, 19 inch Computer Racks and their related Accessories for the Networking, Internet and Telecommunication Industries.
To set up Manufacturing capabilities to give us the ability to produce and deliver to you a large quantity of Rack Enclosures in a very short time, with all the necessary accessories. And to be able to quickly produce custom Racks for your specific needs in both small quantities and large quantities.

Technology is working at each stage, contributing to unlimited life cover by focusing on the following whilst processing.

Surface Preparation

Special focus is on the preparation of surfaces to be coated. The processes used include grease and oil free, acid and alkali free, dust and rust free which go beyond the surface preparation section. Latest chemicals pertaining to tricatanic family are used.

Use of only free flowing water is permitted for both rinsing and preparing chemicals.

In house laboratory equipped with latest instruments for measuring ph values, and maintaining the strength of chemicals in the chemical lab helps in maintaining the product surfaces over the complete batch.

11 Tank passivation process having interlocked control network to ensure treatment for the required time as per standards.

Mechanized handling for reduced damage due to handling whilst processing.

Documentation and record keeping for each batch.

Powder Coating

Fully Conveyorised powder Coating Plant in a dust free environment having variable speed for a continuous output at constant speed.

High efficiency Camel back oven having separate heat up zone, Eloping zone with interlocked control network for maintaining constant temperature.

Expertise for all kinds of finish and surface shine and luster.

Materials only from companies of repute.

Records of coated control panels, documentations and certificates with each batch to facilitate repeatability at par with the original samples.

Multiple powder coating booths, for light and dark shades.

Factory Fresh Looks

Handled with care, packed with adequate supports to ensure quality, deliverable at the point of use.

Test panel with each lot along with certificate assuring meeting specification in full, enclosed with each consignment.

We Care:

At Krishna Industries, each is committed to contribute for sustainable growth by conserving natural resources and disposal in the way not leading to pollution of any kind.

Dedicated ETP plant for disposal of effluents within the specified norms.

Dedicated DM / RO plant for ensuring use of salt free pure water for human consumption and process requirements.

Conserving use of natural resources in particular heat, electricity, air, water and controlling wastages is adopted as habit.

We are committed to provide you and the ultimate customer "A Delightful Aesthetics over the Entire Life Span of product" a reflection of our Pride arising out of our experience and expertise.

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