Our Vision
Our vision is to continually improve and become a world class supplier of integrated sheet metal enclosures as measured by quality, productivity, service, delivery and cost.
Our mission is to use our knowledge, skills and technology to bring the goals and vision of our customers into reality.
To specialize in the complete design, manufacturing and sales of Electronic Rack Enclosures, Relay Racks, Open Bay Racks, Server Storage, 19 inch Computer Racks and their related Accessories for the Networking, Internet and Telecommunication Industries.
To set up Manufacturing capabilities to give us the ability to produce and deliver to you a large quantity of Rack Enclosures in a very short time, with all the necessary accessories. And to be able to quickly produce custom Racks for your specific needs in both small quantities and large quantities.

We provide you a low cost single source solution for all your precision sheet metal fabrication needs. If you require a simple front panel or complex sheet metal assemblies our team can assist you in the design process.

We can recommend ways to improve your products manufacturability, or suggest a potential lower cost solution.

If your sheet metal parts require the staking of fasteners, MIG or TIG welding, spot welding, or Time Saving/sanding, we incorporate everything you need to get the job done.

Our separate, flexible prototype cell can provide you with an off-line solution or a short production run that will meet your manufacturing requirements.

Sheet Metal Enclosures / Sheet Metal Chassis

Competence in a demanding metal fabrication is what our customers have come to expect and Krishna Industries delivers. Whether the application involves electronic circuit boards, transformers or electric wires, there is generally a need for sheet metal enclosures and sheet metal chassis to be manufactured to your specifications and we're here to fill that need.

Our Sheet metal enclosures and sheet metal chassis can be found in the following applications:

Air Blower Housing Enclosures

Power Supply Sheet Metal Enclosures

Bio-Medical Equipment

Telecommunications Sheet Metal Chassis

Computer Enclosures

Sheet Metal Bracketry

Electronic Sheet Metal Enclosures


Industrial Sheet Metal Enclosures



These are just a few examples of what we manufacture in the sheet metal enclosure marketplace. Since our specialty is custom sheet metal enclosures, this means that we can accommodate virtually any variation of sheet metal enclosure.

Powder Coating Material Capabilities

     Cold rolled steel to aluminum
     Most types of pre and post plated materials
     Virtually any type of metal substrate

As a purchaser of powder coating services, you deserve the highest quality work done at competitive prices on your time schedule. This is what we are prepared to deliver to all of our customers, from prototype to production runs.

Our well trained, attentive staff understands that the key to our success lies in customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all areas of our business, from masking to final inspection. By ensuring that your needs are met promptly and correctly the first time, we are confident that Krishna Industries will be your first thought when powder coating comes to mind.

Powder Coating Conveyorized Line

Accommodating parts up to 15' long, 6' high, and 4' wide

Customized racking systems

Conveyor driven powder coating line

Up to 4,000 parts per hour capacity

Powder Coating Capabilities

Choose from over 400 stock colors and textures

Masking schemes to your specifications

Custom colors and color matching available

On-site silk screening

Seven stage washing system

Prototype to production runs

High temperature tapes for grounding areas

Silicon caps and plugs to protect any threaded hardware

Full time chemists to monitor the chemical baths, and online inspection procedures with traceability systems are available on a day by day basis, we have 24/7 operations and in house logistics to take care of the deliveries.

Automotive: A number of our customers are in the automotive industry for whom we predominantly supply chassis, body and framework components, finished to specification including powder coating.

Inspection: We operate a dedicated inspection department which is linked directly to our production management system through which all jobs pass as defined by our documented ISO 9001:2000 inspection procedures. Our inspection department is equipped with a surface table and a range of gauges all of which are calibrated at regular intervals to ensure the highest degree of quality control.

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